A list of common terms in Hyperlane systems
  • Agent: The software which Hyperlane network validators run.
  • Chain: A network (blockchain), identified by a unique chain name.
  • Checkpoint: A signal to digest messages and package them for delivery.
  • Domain: Similar to chain, it represents a specific network but it's identified by a unique integer.
  • Mailbox: Interchain messages go from the mailbox on the origin chain, to the mailbox on the destination chain, from which they can be delivered.
  • Message: Data (typically bytestrings) to be moved from an origin chain to destinations.
  • Relayer: A service that submits signed checkpoints to destination chains.
  • Router: A contract that can dispatch and receive Hyperlane messages.
  • Validator: A client on the Hyperlane network, optionally secured by Proof-of-Stake, that helps ensure the security and liveness of the system.