Accounts API
Send a message via Interchain Account to any contract on an Abacus supported network.
Developers can send interchain messages via Interchain Accounts by calling the InterchainAccountRouter.dispatch endpoint. In contrast with the Messaging API, the Interchain Account API allows developers to send messages to any contract, not just IMessageRecipients with the handle() function, making it compatible with legacy contracts. To achieve this, message encoding must be constrained to ABI encoded function calls.
If it does not exist already, an Interchain Account will be atomically created that is controlled by the sending address on the origin chain in perpetuity. The controlling pair of origin chain and address will have consistent interchain account addresses on all chains that support the Interchain Account specification.


struct Call {
address to;
bytes data;
interface IInterchainAccountRouter {
function dispatch(
uint32 _destinationDomain,
Call[] calldata calls
) external;
function getInterchainAccount(
uint32 _originDomain,
address _sender
) external returns (address);
You can find the address of the InterchainAccountRouter contract on each chain here, and chain domains here.
_destinationDomain is the chain you're sending to, it is not the chainID, rather it is a unique ID assigned by the protocol to each chain. Domain ID's can be found here.
calls is an array of Call structs, each of which contains the address of the contract you're sending to, and the ABI encoded function call you're making. More on example usage below.

Example Usage


Calls can be easily encoded with the abi.encodeCall function.
IUniswapV3Pool pool = IUniswapV3Pool(...);
Call swapCall = Call({
to: address(pool),
data: abi.encodeCall(pool.swap, (...));


Perform a Uniswap V3 swap on Ethereum via an Interchain Account from a controlling account on another chain. The Interchain Account must satisfy any requirements the recieving contract has on msg.sender, such as token balances or allowances.
uint32 constant ethereumDomain = 0x657468;
// consistent across all chains
address constant icaRouter = 0x1dbb057c50820b73A5450B5a0cADf5C5cc4b362E;

Precomputing Addresses

It is often useful to have knowledge of the Interchain Account address before sending a message. For example, you may want to fund the address with tokens before sending a message. The getInterchainAccount function can be used to get the address of an Interchain Account given the controlling chain domain and address pair.
An example is included below of a contract precomputing its own Interchain Account address.
uint32 localDomain = IOutbox(...).localDomain;
address myInterchainAccount = IInterchainAccountRouter(...).getInterchainAccount(
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