Queries API

Send a call via Interchain Queries to any contract on an Abacus supported network.
Developers can send cross chain view calls via Interchain Queries by calling the InterchainQueryRouter.query endpoint. In contrast with the Messaging API, the Interchain Queries API allows developers to send view calls to any contract, not just IMessageRecipients with the handle() function, making it compatible with legacy contracts. To achieve this, message encoding must be constrained to ABI encoded function calls. Additionally, the callback functions must be defined on the interface of the querying contract for authentication purposes.


interface IInterchainQueryRouter {
function query(
uint32 _destinationDomain,
address target,
bytes calldata queryData,
bytes calldata callback
) external returns (uint256);
function query(
uint32 _destinationDomain,
Call calldata call,
bytes calldata callback
) external;
function query(
uint32 _destinationDomain,
Call[] calldata calls,
bytes[] calldata callbacks
) external;
You can find the address of the InterchainQueryRouter contract on each chain here, and chain domains here.
_destinationDomain is the chain you're sending to, it is not the chainID, rather it is a unique ID assigned by the protocol to each chain. Domain ID's can be found here.
calls is an array of Call structs, each of which contains the address of the contract you're sending to, and the ABI encoded function call you're making. More on example usage below.

Example Usage


Calls can be easily encoded with the abi.encodeCall function, like the Accounts API you can either call dispatch directly or pass Call structs
interface ENS {
function ownerOf(uint256 label) external view returns (address);
function nameExpires(uint256 label) external view returns (uint);
ENS ens = ENS(0x00000000000C2E074eC69A0dFb2997BA6C7d2e1e);
uint256 label = ...;
uint256(keccak256('hyperlane')); // hyperlane.eth
Call ownerCall = Call({
to: address(ens),
data: abi.encodeCall(ens.ownerOf, (label));
Call nameExpiresCall = Call({
to: address(ens),
data: abi.encodeCall(ens.nameExpires, (label));


Query the ENS contract on Ethereum for the owner and expiration time of the any domain (from any network).
uint32 constant ethereumDomain = 0x657468;
// consistent across all chains
address constant iqsRouter = 0x6141e7E7fA2c1beB8be030B0a7DB4b8A10c7c3cd;
[ownerCall, nameExpiresCall],
[callback1, callback2]

Future Extensions

Create a cache for each destination chain contract that replicates queried state using historical calls as keys. This would enable atomic querying for calls which are recurring frequently. This would be especially useful for contracts which are queried frequently, such as ENS, Uniswap, and Compound.