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Hyperlane CLI


The Hyperlane CLI is the official command-line tool for deploying Hyperlane contracts to new chains. It also includes utilities for interacting with deployed contracts and registries.

The published version is available on NPM. The source is available on Github in the monorepo.



Node 18 or newer is required

To install the CLI globally, use the npm install -g command. This will the hyperlane command available anywhere in your terminal.

# Install with NPM
npm install -g @hyperlane-xyz/cli
# Or uninstall old versions
npm uninstall -g @hyperlane-xyz/cli

Alternatively, for running individual commands, you can use npx or dlx:

# Run via NPM's npx command
npx @hyperlane-xyz/cli
# Or via Yarn's dlx command
yarn dlx @hyperlane-xyz/cli


To view a list of the available commands and their arguments, run hyperlane --help.

A few common command options include:

  • --version: Display your current installed version of the CLI
  • --registry: Set the registry URI to use for chain metadata and contract addresses
  • --overrides: Set an additional path for overrides to the canonical registry data
  • log: Set the log format for the CLI (defaults to pretty)
  • verbosity: Set the log level for the CLI (defaults to info)
  • key: Set the key to use for signing transactions (defaults to the HYP_KEY env var)


By default, the CLI will pull chain metadata and contract addresses from the canonical Hyperlane Registry but will write new configs and deployments to your local filesystem. For more information see the Registries page.