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Non-EVM Implementations

While our public documentation currently focuses on EVM compatibility, we offer varying levels of support for additional ecosystems. These ecosystems may not have full feature parity or complete tooling integration (such as TypeScript CLI support) at this time. We're actively working to expand our documentation and tooling across these platforms. If you're excited about building on top of these or bringing Hyperlane to other new ecosystems reach out on our Discord!


See the CosmWasm implementation of Hyperlane here implemented and maintained by the Mitosis team, and follow this guide on how to deploy to a Cosmos appchain here. We're live on Celestia, Stride and Neutron as of July 2024.


Hyperlane supports Solana Virtual Machine (SVM), and is currently live supporting Zebec's Nautilus Bridge. In addition, it is live on Eclipse testnet.

You can find the Sealevel contract implementation here.


The Hyperlane protocol has been implemented in Cairo for Starkware by the Pragma team. You can find the implementation here.


Hyperlane has been implemented in MoveVM by Movement Labs. You can find the implementation here. These Move contracts are live on Movement's M1 testnet.


Find our Sway implementation here.