Receive messages
The Inbox contract provides an interface for applications building on Hyperlane to receive messages from remote chains.
There are several Inboxes on each Hyperlane-supported chain, one for each remote chain from which messages may be sent. For clarity and simplicity, the following documentation describes a single Inbox contract responsible for receiving messages from a single remote chain.


Relayers deliver messages to their recipients by calling Inbox.process(). This function takes as parameters the message to deliver, a merkle proof of that message, and an arbitrary bytes array, to be consumed by the recipient's interchain security module (ISM).
The Inbox checks for acceptance by the recipients ISM and verifies the merkle proof before delivering the message to the recipient by calling recipient.handle().
* @notice Attempts to process the provided formatted `message`. Checks
* that the recipient's ISM will accept the messages, verifies the merkle
* proof, and delivers the message to the recipient.
* @param _root The merkle root that `_message` was proved against.
* @param _index The number of messages in the merkle tree.
* @param _sovereignData Arbitrary data to pass to the recipient's ISM.
* Typically a list of validator signatures.
* @param _message Formatted message (refer to Mailbox.sol Message library).
* @param _proof A merkle proof of `message` against `_root`.
function process(
bytes32 _root,
uint256 _index,
bytes calldata _sovereignData,
bytes calldata _message,
bytes32[32] calldata _proof,
uint256 _leafIndex
) external;
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