A write-once deploy-everywhere pattern for interchain applications
Application developers looking to write their contracts once and deploy them on multiple chains should consider building with the Router pattern.
In this pattern, an instance of the application's contracts is deployed on each application-supported chain. Each instance is made aware of the addresses of instances on other chains. These instances use Hyperlane to communicate information and state to and from instances on remote chains.
Developers using this pattern can inherit from the Router mix-in contract. Router is an AbacusConnectionClient that tracks the addresses of other Router contract addresses on remote chains. This allows Routers to send messages directly to others without having to specify addresses. It also allows Routers to reject messages sent from other untrusted senders.
interface IRouter {
* @notice Register the address of a Router contract for the same
* Application on a remote chain.
* @param _domain The domain of the remote Application Router
* @param _router The address of the remote Application Router
function enrollRemoteRouter(uint32 _domain, bytes32 _router)
* @notice Dispatches a message to an enrolled router via the local
* router's Outbox.
* @dev Reverts if there is no enrolled router for _destinationDomain.
* @param _destinationDomain The domain of the chain to which to send the message.
* @param _msg The message to dispatch.
function _dispatch(uint32 _destinationDomain, bytes memory _msg)
returns (uint256);
* @notice Handles an incoming message
* @param _origin The origin domain
* @param _sender The sender address
* @param _message The message
function handle(
uint32 _origin,
bytes32 _sender,
bytes memory _message
) external onlyInbox onlyRemoteRouter(_origin, _sender);
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