What are the benefits of Hyperlane?

There are a number of benefits to using Hyperlane, several of which stem from the differentiating features discussed here, but before we get to them let's touch on more basic benefits that accrue to applications and blockchains that connect to the Interchain Highway.

For Applications

Hyperlane connects your applications across many blockchains. This allows users to interact with your application from the chain they're on. Reducing the amount of hoops they have to jump through just to get to your app. It's about abstracting away the complexity of navigating between chains, and letting you and your users simply focus on your app.
Apps that have achieved traction on one chain and would like to expand to more chains can benefit from Hyperlane as well. Until now, all new deployments on different chains were instanced. You'd have a popular app on Ethereum, but other than your brand how does a new deployment on Polygon benefit from what you've built on Ethereum? Turning your existing app into an interchain app through Hyperlane means you connecting with the network effects and liquidity you've worked so hard to achieve. Combine this with the power of Permissionless Deployment and you can bring your application to any new chain as early as launch day without ever having to depend on anyone.

For Blockchains, Rollups, and Appchains

But what about a blockchain? How can it benefit from Hyperlane? A Hyperlane deployment on a blockchain means every current and future application on that chain gets to accrue the benefits of interchain connectivity. Additionally, chains can benefit from new traffic that would not have arrived if not for Hyperlane. A Hyperlane deployment on your chain opens up a new trade route (a Warp Route, in Hyperlane parlance). It creates an onramp to the Interchain Highway, making it possible for your chain to access the users, assets, and other valuable state that exist on blockchains connected to Hyperlane.
What about rollups or appchains? As a rollup Hyperlane complements your native bridge to your L1, offering your developers a fast path option for asset transfers as well as generalized message passing, enabling interchain function calls. More importantly, it offers them the ability to interoperate with other environments, including other rollups and other L1s outside of your existing ecosystem. Similarly all of these apply to an appchain.
With Permissionless Deployment, your brand new blockchain, rollup, or appchain can open up a trade route to fertile ecosystems as early as day one, allowing you to bring over assets, liquidity, and users without having to depend on anyone other than yourself.