So, what is Hyperlane?

Before you know why you should use it, you should know what it is, right?
Hyperlane is the modular interoperability platform empowering developers to build applications that can easily and securely communicate between multiple blockchains. We call these interchain applications.
Architecture overview of Hyperlane depicting the life cycle of a message
You should also know what Hyperlane is not. It is not another token bridge, it is a network between blockchains. Developers can leverage this network to build applications that can easily and securely interact between the blockchains within it, allowing them to serve users on any of those chains. We call this network the Interchain Highway, it is the most accessible, secure, and fast route between the blockchains it connects. Hyperlane was built as a modular interoperability layer, with an architecture uniquely suited to the world of many smart contract environments, whether they are rollups (either generalized or app specific), appchains, and heterogenous layer 1 blockchains (monolithic or not). Hyperlane was purpose built with flexibility and future proofing in mind. The modular nature of the platform means it can adapt to the fast moving and evolutionary nature of Crypto. Developers choosing Hyperlane can rest assured that Hyperlane will evolve with the industry, and with their applications.
Note: that Hyperlane can support any smart contract environment, and in the course of these docs the term blockchain or chain will be used where rollup or appchain are often equally suitable.