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Validators must wait a certain number of blocks to be mined before they are considered valid and reorg-safe. Without this, validators could be slashed since they may have signed a checkpoint that is no longer valid.

Refer to the following sections for block finality configuration used by the Hyperlane validators.


NetworkReorg PeriodValidator Polling Interval
Arbitrum1 block1s
Avalanche3 blocks (6s)2s
BSC15 blocks (45s)3s
Celo0 blocks (5s)5s
Ethereum20 blocks (260s)15s
Gnosis14 blocks (74s)5s
Moonbeam2 blocks (20s)5s
Optimism0 blocks15s
Polygon256 blocks (~540s)2s


NetworkReorg PeriodValidator Polling Interval
Alfajores1 block (5s)5s
BSC Testnet9 blocks (27s)5s
Fuji3 blocks (~6s)5s
Moonbase Alpha2 blocks (20s)5s
Mumbai32 blocks (160s)5s
Sepolia7 blocks (90s)5s
Anvil (local network)0 blocks5s