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The Hyperlane agents collect useful information about activity on the system, including all messages. That data can be queried via the APIs.

The APIs are currently available free of charge and without any required authentication.


Connect your preferred fetch client or library to Explorer API page to query data!

Example Query


const baseUrl = "";
const action = "module=message&action=get-messages";
const messageId = "0x34f4cb7510b37265d43243ec4bd0498e0b70792ffc61a9918fdc468bfcefb5ed";
const url = `${baseUrl}?${action}&id=${messageId}`;
const response = await fetch(url, {
method: "GET",
headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json" },
const data = await response.json();


"status": "1",
"message": "OK",
"result": [
"status": "delivered",
"id": "0x34f4cb7510b37265d43243ec4bd0498e0b70792ffc61a9918fdc468bfcefb5ed",
"nonce": 619,
"sender": "0x3da5fdccc661c84454f49db0cf519561bc7c2729",
"recipient": "0xaad207a0fd7a4e3c927ccc78ac8134baf586b852",
"originChainId": 10,
"originDomainId": 10,
"destinationChainId": 1101,
"destinationDomainId": 1101,
"origin": {
"timestamp": 1705415163000,
"hash": "0x0326496236d9851036f318e233635bc5ed414f16cc690559c652b80917689922",
"from": "0x5fb02f40f56d15f0442a39d11a23f73747095b20",
"blockHash": "0x998265318678dedb8c5ff9fca0da636228af786219c33e71a9a061e638e4d850",
"blockNumber": 114908193,
"mailbox": "0xd4c1905bb1d26bc93dac913e13cacc278cdcc80d",
"nonce": 258,
"to": "0x3da5fdccc661c84454f49db0cf519561bc7c2729",
"gasLimit": 211561,
"gasPrice": 1514414964,
"effectiveGasPrice": 1514414964,
"gasUsed": 175214,
"cumulativeGasUsed": 222127,
"maxFeePerGas": 1528802752,
"maxPriorityPerGas": 1500000000
"destination": {
"timestamp": 1705415186000,
"hash": "0x2a1d1ae84732061ca98589d20c48812ec7b6cba60e75c259fedd067c635dc9c2",
"from": "0x74cae0ecc47b02ed9b9d32e000fd70b9417970c5",
"blockHash": "0x04ee8dff56033cd2ceb104f416cbc9b98d3d021eedac58f4b590327839ebcb23",
"blockNumber": 9269332,
"mailbox": "0x3a464f746d23ab22155710f44db16dca53e0775e",
"nonce": 589,
"to": "0x3a464f746d23ab22155710f44db16dca53e0775e",
"gasLimit": 184174,
"gasPrice": 6600000000,
"effectiveGasPrice": 4073437500,
"gasUsed": 130109,
"cumulativeGasUsed": 130109,
"maxFeePerGas": null,
"maxPriorityPerGas": null
"isPiMsg": false,
"body": "0x48656c6c6f21",
"totalGasAmount": "209736",
"totalPayment": "419472000000000",
"numPayments": 1

API Reference

Module: Message

Action: get-message, Parameter (1 required):

  • id: message id (string)
  • sender: address of message sender (string)
  • recipient: address of message recipient (string)
  • origin-tx-hash: hash of origin transaction (string)
  • origin-tx-sender: address of origin tx sender (string)
  • destination-tx-hash: hash of destination transaction (string)
  • destination-tx-sender: address of destination tx sender (string)

Action: get-status Parameter (1 required):

  • Same as get-message above

Action: search-messages, Parameter (1 required):

  • query: address or hash to search (string)

APIs for Permissionless Interoperability chains

Hyperlane can be permissionlessly deployed to any chain, but messages on PI chains cannot be identified by the default Hyperlane agents. To view details about messages from PI chains, query the search-pi-messages action. The search requires a chain config in the request body. Note, this same functionality is also available in the explorer UI.

const chainConfig = {
chainId: 11155111,
domainId: 11155111,
name: "sepolia",
protocol: "ethereum",
nativeToken: {
name "Sepolia ETH",
symbol "SETH",
decimals 18
rpcUrls: [
http: ""
http: " "
isTestnet: true,
mailbox: "0x123...",
interchainGasPaymaster: "0x123..."

const baseUrl = "";
const action = "module=message&action=search-pi-messages";
const query =
const url = `${baseUrl}?${action}&query=${query}`;
const response = await fetch(url, {
method: "POST",
body: JSON.stringify(chainConfig),
headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json" },
const data = await response.json();

Chain Config Schema

The chain config schema is an extension of the Hyperlane ChainMetadata schema but with a contracts object added. See Configuring PI Chains for more details about this config object.