Want to quickly explore how Hyperlane works without writing any code? You're in the right place.
Each API has a Quickstart section that can be used with just Metamask or Cast by Foundry.


Hyperlane makes interchain communication straightforward by providing a simple on-chain API for sending and receiving messages.
Send your first message in under 5 minutes with our Messaging Quickstart.

Interchain Accounts

With Hyperlane, you can make a simple call via Interchain Accounts to a pre-deployed TestRecipient contract on a remote destination chain.
Try it here with the ICA Quickstart.

Interchain Queries

Query any contract, not just IMessageRecipients with the handle() function (even legacy contracts!).
Make a view call in moments using TestQuerySender and the IQS Quickstart.

Sending Tokens

You've sent messages with Hyperlane; now it's time to bring value into the mix.
Send tokens alongside messages with our Liquidity Layer API Quickstart.